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That embarrassing moment when you’ve played this game for nigh on seven years and you start panicking because it won’t start, only to realize after frantic Googling that you forgot to set your cache files to read-only.

Asker lkwhet Asks:
Hi, So i have a question, I have Sims 2 UC and I cannot get any CC to work in game, I have tried moving it myself to the folder and I have tried Clean Installer. Do you have any suggestions! Thanks for taking the time to answer.
lochlander lochlander Said:

Is the Enable Custom Content dialogue opening at all when you start the game, or does the game start without any mention of CC?

If if is opening, try disabling CC, restarting the game, enabling CC, and restarting the game again.

I’m not sure what to do if it isn’t opening at all, but my first instinct is start it manually via the game options and try to enable CC from there, remembering that you have to restart the game to fully enable CC.

If that doesn’t work, the only thing I can think of is re-installing the game, but that would be an absolute last resort for the obvious reason that it would be a giant pain.

EDIT: I’m not sure what kind of CC you’re trying to install, but making sure the CEP is installed might help. Thanks to msmeiriona for the suggestion!

Does anyone else have any ideas?

Clean Installer should direct you to another folder than the UC one, so that’s weird that it’s working without you tweaking it. What about CEP and the Scriptorium?

That’s what I was most worried about with most of the programs I’ve tested so far and they’ve been working fine. Clean Installer installs directly to the UC Downloads/SavedSims/Teleport folders without any fiddling on my part. I was pleasantly surprised.

Thank you for reminding me about CEP and Scriptorium! I had completely forgotten about them and you know I would be all over Google for three hours trying to figure out why custom recolors don’t work in game before realizing the obvious. I know they both have manual installers, so they probably just require a bit more fiddling to work right.

EDIT: CEP’s Auto-Installer installs successfully into the UC Program Files without fiddling.

EDIT 2: So does Scriptorium’s Auto-Installer. Mind you, they both install to the BASE GAME folder. That is what they are supposed to do and where you install them if you install them manually. On Windows, that’s \Program Files\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Double Deluxe\Base

I’m not sure why these programs all still work. I think it might be because they reference the registry rather than folder names, but I don’t know if that’s how it works. My other theory is that Numenor really is the deity we make him out to be in the TS2 community.

So, I buckled and installed the Ultimate Collection because I’ve been having problems with clean templates for ages and I don’t have a Seasons disk anymore. My first order of business was to try out the clean templates (they work now! yes!) and to install a neighborhood camera mod. Second order of business was to start testing 3rd party programs that work with TS2 to see if they work with UC. Here’s a list of the programs I use and have tested since installing:

  • Lot Adjuster - tested, works like normal
  • HoodReplace - tested, works like normal
  • Compressorizer - always required browsing to a folder, no change
  • HoodChecker - tested, works like normal
  • SimPE - partially tested, opens neighborhood and sim files, have not tried object creation yet
  • Tooltip Renamer - always required browsing to a folder, no change
  • Collection Creator - always required browsing to a folder, no change
  • Clean Installer - tested, works like normal
  • Hair Binner - always required browsing to a folder, no change
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here y’all go!

Yay! Downloading. I have no idea if it’ll work but it’s free so it’s worth a shot. :D

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