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My name is Kaite and I be your resident Lady of the Loch, Lady Lochlane, Lochlander, or that one that posts medieval things sometimes. Welcome to my lair of medievalitude.
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Next on the sim-creating spree, the irrepressible Ms. Macha Tully and her dashing dude, Ser Drystan Gravenor. They spend their time questing, kicking dragon arse, and sharing intimate moments while cleaving through the skulls of their enemies (sometimes with fire!).

Asker holleyberry Asks:
Mary Sue Pleasant or Kaylynn Langerak?
lochlander lochlander Said:

I feel like I should say Mary-Sue, but I have a soft spot for Kaylynn.


I’m still bored :/

Hit me with your best shot! Be cruel! I can take it.

Since I’ve been in a sim crafting mood lately, I decided to make some sims for the GoS’s April Sim Challenge. Aia (regalia), princess on the run, and Dago (aegis), her knight in shining armor.

Lengthy bios here.

Dicentra’s sister Gallica is so excited about these new humans in her forest.

Such an awesome Simblr! Keep it up ;))
lochlander lochlander Said:

Thank you, very much! I will :)